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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  December 17, 2009 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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and now his birthright is realized. >> obviously this is an exciting day for me. for my family, if you told me 35 years ago, i'd be standing here at new redskins park, i don't think i would have bet on that. >> reporter: it is true that bruce allen comes from a revered football pedigree. his father having coached this franchise throughout the 1970s. but the question is, will the son be given the chance to run this team the way he sees fit? or will he be as many feel he was, a win for the wishes of an owner? when we make a decision, when he makes a decision, when the club makes the decision as the redskins decision. >> reporter: bruce allen's
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credential as the football man are unpeachable. the super bowl winner with the executive of the year in 2002, six years is the gm at the buccaneers. and one man was with him through all of that. and begging the question, is gruden the next redskins coach? >> we don't have an opening at that position. and they have a close relationship with all of them in this league. and jim zorn, he's our coach. >> reporter: but some say not for long. >> i think we are ready to get the chuckie dolls. >> some questions remaining unanswered tonight. what do all the players think of this. what is the future for any for jim zorn and the bruce allen era. if there are none for them, who's the head coach next year? we'll have answers for you at 11. for now, we're live, brett haber, back to you. >> thank you, brett. now, a major storm is brewing along the gulf coast that could bring us the first significant snowfall in years.
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meteorologist, delaware delaware, has the -- devin is tracking that for us. >> reporter: a pretty potent storm that is headed up over the gulf of mexico. that'll be tracking our way through parts of the southeastern u.s. and parts of south florida. for us, we have seen the winter storm watch that is issued officially for the national weather service, all of maryland, most of northern virginia, extreme southeastern virginia, that's not in that winter storm watch, at least for now. as we look off the southwest, parts of southwest virginia and west virginia. under the winter storm warning. here is what the storm currently sits. that's all the rain over new orleans in the southern united states. it's going to be that transition area with the cold air in place. eventually they could snow. where exactly are they going to set up in a mixture of the moisture and how that is going to set up to really affect us here. we'll be pointing everything out with the complete 9news now forecast in just a few minutes. >> all right, thank you. here is a look at the rest of tonight's top stories. in your only local news at 7. the talk and the rate structures told on the future of the
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county connector, getting the green light today. sp-t rapist resr -- the rapist resurfaces for nearly three years, they have struck again. and getting ready, to see how people th-t region are bracing for the potential of the big snowstorm headed our way. >> reporter: i'm bruce leshan at the university of maryland. they are hoping to have a graduate here on saturday, but the forecast, up to two feet of snow. >> if i have to put my speed on, i would be here. is >> reporter: they are prepping comcast for a graduating cast of 2600. >> we're too hard to get to this point. if i have to get a shovel and cut that myself, i will. >> reporter: it is one thing for the students that live close by, something else for parents who are coming in from around the country. for a winter commencement on saturday, that could be buried under 24 inches of snow. the university is going to keep an eye on the forecast to make a decision a little closer to saturday. >> hi everybody.
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got your snow boots on. >> this is the second busiest weekend for the year for washington's largest caterer. on saturday, at height of the storm, they have 60 events booked. >> we're nine inches to two feet. >> i think you're crazy. and i think that you are dilutional and the weather men are dilutional. >> reporter: and i'm audrey barnes, in leesburg, virginia. the rape of the woman here in 2001. and they have been linked to a serial rapist who is now wanted in connection for 13 crime scenes in four different states. >> reporter: may 24, 2001. and a 41-year-old woman, moving out of this apartment complex, which is right next door to the police station. is confronted by the man with the screwdriver, who forces her back inside and rapes her. >> reporter: that suspect was masked. and in many of the other cases, the individuals, they did wear the ski masks. but we stressed that this person, they are violent. >> reporter: the dna released this week they confirmed he's the same man to force three teenagers returning home for
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trick or treating in dale city on halloween into the woods. onto the ground. and where he raped two of them. >> reporter: the important thing for people out there to look at and to think about it is the geographic profile of this individual. >> reporter: i'm scott broom in green belt where this morning, maryland's transportation authority, they voted unanimously to approve the tolls on the future icc intercounty connector of up to 35 cents per mile. >> this is a new type of the highway for the state of maryland. >> reporter: ron freeland, the transportation authority explains that it will with all e lex tonics -- electronics, under the rate structure, costing you as much as 35 cents per mile to use it. >> the statest transportation secretary explains why so much. >> reporter: the congestion free roadway. >> reporter: in short, 35 cents a mile, a lot of people won't be clogging it up. >> that sounds like a lot of money one way. >> reporter: and the comments against the high tolls were running 74%. and the opponents of the road claim that they are a
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proof that the icc is in financial trouble. and it'll cost over $100 million a year to operate the road and to pay down the debt, even at 35 cents a mile, tolls will only cover a little more than half. >> and time to check on the evening rush hour. we have the 9news now traffic center where things, they could be looking different than 30 hours. >> yeah, no major snowstorm tonight. but we're seeing accidents and we're seeing lots of traffic. commuters on 95, still not getting a break here after 7:00, we just got word of an accident, 95 northbound, at 395. so drivers are fighting with that. and in southbound traffic as you can see, they are jammed from the beltway to route 123. so 25-30 minute drive. drivers are getting frustrated there as well. maybe easing up just a little bit from university to 270. still a 15-20 minute drive though. for inner loop delays, go to our map to check out the real-time traffic information. we're seeing all the red cars
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out there driving between here. finally, we'll wrap it up with some good news here, 395 southbound, no accidents to speak of. traffic easing up a little bit to the mixing bowl. back to you. >> reporter: all right, thank you. and right now, police are investigating a crash involving a child. this was the scene here at mlk avenue near glen arden in bow wee -- bowie. his condition is not known. police are talking to the driver to find out how it all happened. the newest member of the u.s. park police held a memorial run this morning. the recruits honor fallen officers including this man killed by a drunk driver in 2002. lindsey mastis has the story. >> let's have a good run. >> reporter: after a quick pep talk, these recruits started on their run. they did it to remember fallen park police, in honor of officer killed in 2002. >> killed by a drunk driver,
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striking him at the baltimore walkway. >> reporter: they bought his son, eric, to witness the memorial run. >> very special to me. >> reporter: eric was just 3 years old when his father was killed. and today, he's 11, and the recruits stopped several times to take pictures with eric in front of the memorial they will soon protect. as the team made it back to the police headquarters, they celebrated. they presented eric with the flag they carried throughout the run. >> so he can have a memory of today and remind him that he and his family will always be a part of our family. >> reporter: having eric here was just a great motivation. >> it was a visible reminder of what the officers give when they die. doing their job out there, protecting the public. >> reporter: tomorrow, this team will graduate as they look forward to their new careers, they will think back to those who gave their lives while on patrol. in washington, i'm lindsey mastis, 9news now and
7:09 pm according to the u.s. park police, 10 officers have died on patrol since 1932. farthing's death is the most out there. there are eyes of troops fighting in iraq. but insurgents have found a way to gain access to our aircrafts. coming up, we'll show you fast holiday pick-me ups you can still get at the dermatologists ahead of your festivities as we've got before and after pictures to show how it all works.
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welcome back. some unsettling news concerning the war in iraq. today, the pentagon announced that they have been hacking into live feeds from the u.s. predators by hacking into the fees that they find out where they are headed. and however, they have not been able to take controls over them. and the events experts are working to prevent hacking in the future. and the clock is quickly winding down there, the senators expect a path of the health care bill by saturday. in order to make that a reality, the democrats, they will have to strike a deal that 60 senators could live with. republicans are fighting hard to stop that from happening. and a lot of the discussions in congress and around washington, they have focused on whether the lawmakers are pushing the measures through too fast. and some say that it is time to act. >> they have never done that
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before. i finish with that. a present for all of them. >> yes, wait. is >> because i think our expenses are out of control right now. >> and it appears that neither sign is willing to listen to the other. while they slow down, democrats are pushing ahead. the white house aids say that they expect the vote early next week. for some of us waiting to the last minute, to do our christmas shopping, christmas season, coming up in tonight's living smart report will help you add some focus to your shopping frenzy. plus, devin returns with your full forecast to break down this winter storm. keep it right here.
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breaking news from the white house. you're looking at pictures of president obama leaving for the united nations climate change conference in copenhagen. before leaving gop lawmakers, telling the president that he'll need congress to deliver on any commitments that he makes to reduce greenhouse gases. and it is unlikely the senate will support any agreement that does not include china and other developing countries. in tonight's shopping alert, there's always that holiday gift that you must buy at the last minute. they suggest these expensive but useful items that will leave a lasting impression. pick up in that blue tooth headset for $20. and to keep that new laptop running smoothly with a $5 computer cleaning kit. or create a customized calendar for family and friends for just $13. for more holiday gift deals, go
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to our website on click on living smart. holiday parties in full swing. who doesn't want to dazzle the fellow guests by licking your vest? the dermatologist says that there is still time for some quick picks to help you look younger, fresher, and well rested. even if you really aren't. anita brikman shows us how. >> i wasn't expecting it to be that easy. >> reporter: they came to see them in search of a more useful appearance as she headed into the holiday season. the new head-to-head competitor with botox to take effect faster. this smooths her forward from this to this. and she had laser affected areas right before thanksgiving. >> she just had that procedure done two days before thanksgiving, fine before the
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festivities. a lot of them saw that coming and they had that for the quick fixes which have little on the down time to give the instant gratifications. >> reporter: today, they are as a rulementing the neck area even more with that laser. >> are and you see the improvements out there. you also get very significant typing of the skin. >> reporter: the only thing with some of these quick and office pick-me ups, they can leave a little redness or bruising behind. that's where the mineral makeup comes in. >> reporter: as you can see, they have left behind some redness, which licenses out there as they camouflage with the mineral makeup. and they say that medical grade makeup is pure enough to put on cosmetically treated skin right away. >> they don't have any areas, or oils, they don't have any other additives. >> if you are prone to break out like this woman, the minerals actually have an antiemplan tour affect and they leave the skins with ther decent healthy glow, perfect for that next holiday affair. i'm anita brikman, for 9news
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now and up until a few days ago, frederick toys for tots program was facing serious challenges. a $10,000 donation shortfall and twice as many families requesting toys. but frederick didn't give up. a call went out for more volunteers to distribute toys a. local businesswoman challenged 100 of her fellow merchants to make up the shortfall. today, that goal was met. >> when the business community heard about the shortfall, that the marines were experiencing in the toys for tots drive this year, especially since so many of them have been deployed to afghanistan and they had some other challenges in meeting their goals, we decided that it wouldn't take a lot for 100 businesses here in town to give $100. to make up that $10,000. >> we're having a hard time seeing orders up until that past couple of days. it's nice to fill the orders to be able to help the community. >> reporter: but a lot more needs to be done to make up for
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the increase in requests for toys throughout our area. toy drive nine is still collecting toys for the needy children. you have until december 23 to drop off a new unwrapped toy to any sun trust bank or your local fire department. okay, we have seen this a couple weeks ago. but this one is threatening quite a punch. >> yeah, that is just a preview. a little brother, a little grandson. that this storm could potentially be out there coming in. for the most previous storm center, they got on the order of one or two inches out there on the district. they were out west when you have six inches in some places that have turned into parts out there near the dallas airport. >> the forecast first, always on 9news now and, the next three days to take a look at this, the snow is coming. >> i don't think that there is any doubt out there that the snow is on the way. >> no question on where that sits up and the heaviest of the snowfalls out. >> but in first, they will start falling, i believe on friday evening. we're all out there on saturday and it does not stop until sunday. overnight tonight, 24 to 30
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degrees for low temperatures and the clouds are building in. the clouds during the day tomorrow, they were in the 20s tomorrow morning. they were only up until the 30s tomorrow. and 35 for even 38. they might be pushing it in some cases with a lack of sunshine and the cold northwesterly winds. they are switching to the northeast. and that will be a pretty cold day, even considered the last few days have been pretty cold with sunshine. now, take that sunshine out. the winter storm watch in effect. they officially go in on friday. and they go in through saturday. if you watch the southwest out there, a winter storm warning in effect. and the over view forecast, the storm that is over the gulf of mexico right now, going to write it in through the southwestern new york. take a look at that precipitation, snow, mixture of snow and sleet, maybe some rain. and you can see all the overview forecasts here. what was predicted right around the district here. and that would all be snow. at least in these forecast here that they are looking at right now. coming into the evening hours, getting late in the day, the great thing to look at now is 9news now and a couple of different forecast. this is the forecast model that is taken earlier in the day.
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four updates throughout the day. this is the first one. at 8:00, they show the snow starting here. and through the day on saturday, the possibility of some mixed precipitation. and the sleet, they might be some snow, from the areas southeast of dc. and a complete transition back to the snow. you can still get stopped in the southeast maryland area. don't let yourself kid yourself when you see that mixture of the sleet and the snow, they will limit the snowfall totals. they will come through, still pretty hefty totals. another forecast that is holding off more until midnight and thereof on saturday -- thereafter on saturday. showing that mideastern section right south out there. and that's where the freezing and mixture lines are going to remain in some of the above freezing precipitation moving in sleet, maybe some rain. but as you see by this forecast, it's still sticking everybody through the district. quantityquantico, which is ut o -- which is out here, you can see some of the heaviest areas, that could be just south of washington. that's typically where you see the worst and the heaviest
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snows. that's right on that line from where you get the transition to a mix precipitation moving in where you get the snowfall. again, that is just south of the district. and so you really need to watch any variation in the snowfall forecast during the track of the storm. and they will have that big difference in our forecast. 37 for a high. if we get the snow to fall, like we're thinking, not even six, eight to ten inches of snow beyond that. we would have it. and it is still keeping us very cold, especially a blanket of the snow on the ground. put in the stronger northwest winds. and you can see that if you kept in touch with some of the national weather. single digits for temperatures, some of the northern u.s. and the teens for the highs. we have put that over the snow. no doubt do i see that we have the cold temperatures for the highs of the 20s later on in the week. >> get the shovels out. >> yes, we'll be watching this closely. >> all right, thank you. we'll be right back. last year, when you bought a new subaru
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finally tonight. check this out. they make a strange mix. check this out, all 50 seats in the place are made from toilet
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bowls. that might be hard to believe, but there are similar restaurants in new york and japan. both are very popular, we're told. that's our report. join anita brikman tonight at 11. of course, devin lucy will be tracking and looking at computer models later on and have an update at 11. we'll see you later. good night everybody. at safeway, we make the joy of the season...
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is tiger's divorce about to break? what we have uncovered as we follow the trial of clues in our "e.t. investigation." >> one would think she would walk away with a chunk of change. tiger's breakup letter revealed and the paparazzi's price on his head. plus -- >> it's not worth it anymore. >> we break down the nastiest splits of 2009. then, after the splits. is it true you're single and ready to mingle. >> did a-rod strike out with this mystery blonde and we found jake after his breakup with reese. tom cruise. cameron diaz. only we were on the set. >> on three, ready? one -- >> now, your first look at "knight and day."


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